16" + 23 " Quality Pair Of Front Car Windscreen Windshield Wiper Blades Wipers - £9.74 (inc VAT)
Good Quality Car Front Windscreen Wiper Blade - Economy Wiper & Screen Wash - wiper wash 17 £7.31 (inc VAT)

52 in stock


£5.79 (inc VAT)

52 in stock


Wipers to fit the 99% of all vehicle
Wiper blade supplied is brand new and will be supplied in original packaging
Wiper comes with a 3 clips
EXTRA – Screen Wash Sachet – EXTRA

* Easy installation
* Strong metal frame 
* Excellent screen coverage
* Bridging ensures maximum contact
* Graphite coated for extended life
* Smooth and silent operation 
Windscreen Wiper Fitting Guide
Step 1: 
Pull the windscreen wiper away from the windscreen. The wiper arm is fitted with a spring, so only a small amount of force is required. When fully extended, they will stay away from the screen until you push them back. If the car’s bonnet is in the way and prevents the wiper from being lifted all the way up, proceed to step 2.
Step 2: 
If your windscreen wipers lifted all the way up, you can skip straight to step 3. If your windscreen wipers cannot be raised all the way up, rest them down again as normal, get in the car, turn the key to the first or second position, and then operate the windscreen wipers. When the wipers are at around a 45 degree angle, quickly turn the key to the off position so that the wipers stop half-way through their motion. You should now be able to pull the windscreen wipers away from the screen fully.
Step 3: 
Now the old windscreen wipers can be removed. Push the lower part of the wiper blade so that it pivots. Moderate force is required to do this.
Step 4: 
Continue pushing the wiper blade so that it ends up 90 degrees from the wiper arm .
Step 5: 
With the blade at 90 degrees, you will see a small clip (at pivot point). Push this down with your thumb or finger, whilst simultaneously pushing the entire wiper blade downwards. A bit of force is required, and it may also help to wiggle the wiper blade a little.
Step 6: 
Pushing the wiper down will release the wiper arm hook from the wiper blade clip. You can then move it into position . You might need to pull the rubber out of the way.
Step 7: 
Now you can pull the windscreen wiper blade totally away from the wiper arm hook.
Step 8: 
Take the new windscreen wiper out of the packaging, and then position the centre clip.
Step 9:
Note how the clip is positioned. The wiper arm hook goes through the hole in the wiper blade.
Step 10: 
Grip the wiper blade and push it upwards  . Using two hands will make this very easy. This will push the clip into the hook.
Step 11: 
Ensure the clip is fully fitted. The hook should actually end up almost a centimeter into the clip – . Once it’s secure, pivot the wiper. This will put the wiper blade back parallel with the wiper arm. This is the reverse of what you did in step 3.
Step 12: 
All that remains is to set the windscreen wiper back down to the windscreen. Just gently push the wiper blade, being careful to support it all the way back down. If you had to follow step 2, your wipers will be left at a 45 degree angle. They will return to normal once you use your windscreen wipers in the normal way.

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